[permaculture] A Golden Opportunity

Keith Johnson keithdj at mindspring.com
Mon Dec 10 23:09:49 EST 2007

I might add that the best time to apply this aged material is just 
before a rain, especially if you have neighbors in close proximity, due 
to the intense and lingering aroma.

kevin akiva wrote:
> keith wrote:
> (from SCIENCE NEWS, 2007)
> "human urine that had been stored for 6
> months...[snip] collected from one individual over the
> course of a year could fertilize a 90-square-meter
> plot, yielding more than 160 cabbages, the team
> calculates. The data indicate that a urine-treated
> plot would yield 64 kilograms more cabbage than one
> fertilized conventionally."
> -----------
> over the years, i've grown to understand that a
> commonly considered sign of madness of howard hughes
> was actually an ancient practice of true wealth: a
> pee-pee saved and yo'urine the cabbage.

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