[permaculture] what is "politics" exactly...?

Paul Cereghino paul.cereghino at comcast.net
Fri Dec 7 00:35:27 EST 2007

>"Politics is the process by which the community makes decisions and 
>establishes values that are binding upon its members."
I would suggest that 'binding values' in the form of verbiage are of 
minor value in the operation of current systems.  There are three 
currencies I see.  Memes, Money and Legal Prosecution.  The first is the 
most unpredictable, the second reflects the funneling of collectivized 
resources through taxation systems, the other reflects control of the 
state monopoly on violence, not as a system of values, but as an ornate 
system of arbitrary rules.

Permaculture design (even as applied to politics) should focus on 
analysis of actual processes and phenomena.  Flows, source, sink, 
etc...  If natural systems are are the source of inspiration for 
ecological design, what is the source of inspiration for political design.

More critically... what is the effective transitional system from 
current state to target state (least work greatest effect).

Paul Cereghino

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