[permaculture] politics and permies

Katey newtribe at hughes.net
Mon Dec 3 17:41:44 EST 2007

Stella wrote:
> given what ONE Ghandi was able to do, or one Martin Luther King, in 
> terms of social change .. I think we should seriously ask ourselves 
> why, with so many permaculturists loose ... we haven´t re-designed 
> society yet.
> it´s only  a revolutionary system of design if some revolution actually 
> happens.
What did one Gandhi or one MLK Jr do?  Got themselves killed for one.  
Revolutions don't change things, not really.  They have failed humans 
miserably through the ages as the elite rule of civilization has marched 
steadfastly onward, side stepping here and there, but always 
relentlessly onward.

After the British pulled out Gandhi saw the destruction of the nation he 
was trying to free.  And it did not happen through non-violence and 
peaceable means.

MLK Jr, Medgar Evers, and so many others lost  their lives for the 
"gains" we made in civil rights (ask the Jena 6 how far we've come).  
Jesse and Al, standing right at King's side, learned quickly not to rock 
the boat too hard.  Definitely not hard enough to evoke change, lest you 
be killed.

We will change the paradigm, not through revolution, but through 
evolution.  It will take switching the mindset of enough humans to 
create the kind of change we need to see.  And i agree that permaculture 
is a great tool for that.  It might be way too slow for most of the 
species on the planet currently (including our own), but that shouldn't 
stop us from doing what we know in our hearts, guts and minds is a great 
healing.  And do it as a political statement!


Katey Culver
ecoville architechs

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