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Mon Dec 3 08:30:30 EST 2007

wow  :)

Robyn is one of the great pioneers I got to interview in IPC8 - talking 
about some of that great policy-changing work she described (below)  - 
I´m really impressed with the amazing work you´ve done on this  Robyn, 
over so many years ...  it was very inspiring for me to hear of it (for 
the first time as Australia is very 'far' for us here also in terms of 
news), and I know it is for a great many of us.

(am struggling to find ways to get those interviews edited so that they 
can be easily downloadable on the web  ..  slowly getting somewhere - 
hope I will be asking you to have a listen and give your permission to 
put them on your profiles within a few months)

kind regards

El 03/12/2007, a las 2:12, Robyn Francis escribió:
> This is so true and is precisely what I have been doing, creating 
> models to
> instigate change. The design of Jarlanbah Pc Hamlet was 
> ground-breaking in
> many ways, lots of negotiations with local Council and real educational
> process for them to accept different ways of doing things. We 
> negotiated
> reduced road widths, composting toilets and grey water systems, an
> innovative power system, also quite a few by-laws I created for 
> Jarlanbah's
> management plan Council then adopted as general policy. The energy 
> efficient
> building by-laws for Jarlanbah inspired Leichhardt City Council in 
> Sydney to
> engage a pc environmental planner, Birgit Seidlich, to develop an
> environmental plan and energy-efficient housing development control 
> plan,
> encourage rainwater tanks etc.
> The design approach I employed for Jarlanbah was further developed 
> with pc
> strategic planner, Peter Cuming, and adopted by the State Planning
> Department as guidelines for rural settlement in the NSW North Coast 
> region
> - this strategy received state and national planning awards.
> The initial reedbed greywater system here at Djanbung Gardens was the 
> first
> in NSW to go through planning approval and opened the way for 
> Jarlanbah and
> others to follow.
> Could go on but you get the drift - there's a lot of permies doing 
> similar,
> Peter Cuming is working with councils, regional and state authorities
> developing sustainability strategies, Simon Fell, Terry White, Jason
> Alexander also come to mind as movers and shakers changing things on 
> similar
> levels with government authorities.
> Robyn
> http://www.permaculture.com.au
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