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Hi Scott (and others)-

I may not have the best info, but I just Googled the name to find my 
way. I just ordered the DVD from Green Planet Films:     
It is supposedly offered thru Amazon too, but when I searched for it, I 
couldn't find it.

I also found it at its name URL:    http://www.howtosavetheworld.co.nz/ 
  but the shipping was $10
(they did have an American link so I don't think it was being shipped 
from NZ).

I opted for Green Planet Films because it was a tad cheaper to ship 
(only $4.15 first class), and they offer a ton of other films. I also 
picked up "Building With Awareness: the construction of a hybrid home".
Looking forward to seeing both!


On Dec 1, 2007, at 12:51 PM, Scott Pittman wrote:

> Any way to get the information on ordering this CD?  Sounds like a good
> teaching tool for the pc certification course.
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> Beginning Farmers
> Dylan Ford
> Folks -
>  From time to time people will write to the various agriculture 
> discussion
> lists to which I subscribe, stating their intent or at least desire to 
> begin
> farming, people seeking advice and direction. I have gardened for 
> nearly
> forty years and worked in nurseries and at grounds-keeping from time to
> time, but do not know the nuts and bolts involved in farming firsthand 
> to
> offer any advice.
> But I would like to make one modest suggestion that I think would be of
> value to any would-be farmers - I recently had the good fortune of 
> watching
> a documentary film called "How To Save The World: One Man, One Cow, One
> Planet," which details and discusses the work of 80 year old Biodynamic
> farmer Peter Proctor (of New Zealand) enticed out of retirement by the
> request that he come and share his wealth of knowledge and gentle 
> wisdom
> with farmers in India. The film follows him as he travels around the 
> Indian
> countryside visiting farms and teaching the farmers simple, inexpensive
> methods of revitalizing their soils and crops and recreating a 
> sustainable
> and restorative agriculture in the devastating aftermath of the ruinous
> "Green Revolution", a western-imposed, corporate-driven model of 
> chemical
> 'commodity' farming which to date is responsible for the suicides of 
> around
> 150,000 bankrupted and poisoned Indian farmers and uncountable acres of
> chemically scorched earth.
> I have been studying Biodynamic growing for a few years now, and this 
> movie
> will not teach a farmer how to do it - but it does offer an 
> introduction to
> a few of the methods which came out of a series of lectures given by 
> the
> Austrian educator and 'Renaissance Man', Rudolf Steiner in 1924 and 
> which
> were elaborated upon by many practioners in the four score and three 
> years
> since. The movie gives a very good impression of the reverence for 
> life and
> cooperation with the natural world that is at the heart of 
> Biodynamics. The
> elderly Mr. Proctor, with his physical energy and engaging personality 
> and
> sweet spirit is perhaps the best advertisement one could hope for to 
> show
> the effects of eating properly raised food throughout one's life. This
> robust healthiness and happiness is also reflected in the members of 
> the
> Indian farm families who have been practicing biodynamic for some time.
> Biodynamic farming and gardening methods are a bit of a tough-sell in 
> the
> west since they cannot be easily reduced to the sort of parched 
> scientific
> analysis that the western mind has been trained to expect and demand, 
> but as
> the professional agronomist commenting throughout the film admits,
> biodynamic methods get consistently superior results with far less 
> expense
> and danger to the farm family, the animals, the soil, the environment 
> and
> the consumer.
> I would suggest this film to anyone interested in agricultural 
> pursuits, or
> even anyone wanting to see a hopeful, positive initiative underway in 
> a time
> when it seems all we ever get is more bad news, more doom and gloom. Do
> yourself a nice favor; pester your local library or video shop to get 
> this
> good movie, or buy it online.
> If one is (or becomes) interested in learning more about biodynamics 
> (and
> farming in general), I would suggest joining the lively and eclectic 
> talk at
> BDNow! (Biodynamic Food and Farming Discussion) - you can join at:
> http://lists.envirolink.org/mailman/listinfo/bdnow
> and to begin reading the online materials at:
> http://oregonbd.org/
> http://www.biodynamic.org.nz/
> http:/www.jpibiodynamics.org/
>   Sincerely, dylan
> Dylan Ford is the author of the proposal at www.ideaforpresident.com , 
> a
> website devoted to an idea that could provide an avenue to address 
> pollution
> issues, food safety, social justice, prison reform and healthcare.
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