[permaculture] concentrations of bees and allergic reations

Phil Chandler phil at apchosting.co.uk
Thu Apr 26 12:52:25 EDT 2007

How many bees/beekeepers in one area? As many as it will comfortably support without causing problems for other pollinators in the local ecosystem. That varies according to local conditions.

True allergic reactions to bee stings are always life-threatening: anaphylactic shock requires immediate treatment with adrenaline injection or you die! If you just get localized swelling and itching, that's not an allergic reaction - just normal response to a bee sting. The more you have - within reason - the less the reaction.

If in doubt, carry an Epi-pen with you at all times - check with your doctor.

Best wishes,
Phil Chandler

>>This brings up a question. Well, as a complete novice the questions are
endless.  It seems there should be more beekeepers in communities, but how
many?  Can there be too many colonies in an area?  

And, second, I have always been interested in bee-keeping, but I am allergic
to bee stings.  My reactions up to now have been non-life-threatening, but
you never know. Should I stay completely away from bee-keeping, or does
anyone have experience or knowledge of others that keep bees anyway?

Thank you, 
Rhonda Baird

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