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Rhonda Baird rhonda.b at insightbb.com
Thu Apr 26 08:42:34 EDT 2007

This brings up a question. Well, as a complete novice the questions are
endless.  It seems there should be more beekeepers in communities, but how
many?  Can there be too many colonies in an area?  

And, second, I have always been interested in bee-keeping, but I am allergic
to bee stings.  My reactions up to now have been non-life-threatening, but
you never know. Should I stay completely away from bee-keeping, or does
anyone have experience or knowledge of others that keep bees anyway?

Thank you, 
Rhonda Baird
Bloomington, Indiana

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Hello All:

Here's an organic bee keeping event that may be of interest to some of you.

*Apr 27-28
*Pfeiffer Center Organic Beekeeping Workshop, Chestnut Ridge, NY.
Workshop presented by Gunther Hauk for active beekeepers as well as
beginners including a hands-on session. Lots of practical advice &
demonstrations. Optional Beginner Session, Apr 27 - This will provide a
very basic introduction to the hive and the honeybee & is recommended
for those with little practical experience in beekeeping. Email,
beework at pfeiffercenter.org <mailto:beework at pfeiffercenter.org>, call
845-352 5020 ext.20 or visit www.pfeiffercenter.org

Carl DuPoldt
Fox Ridge Marketing, Inc, Green Building Solutions & Supplies.Division
256 Eagleview Blvd., Suite 524
Exton, PA 19341
Phone: 610.458.0581/610.458.7993
FAX: 610.458.1276
Cell: 610.357.6226

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