[permaculture] feeding sugar to bees

Keith Johnson keithdj at mindspring.com
Tue Apr 24 10:51:04 EDT 2007

Despite the hard frosts taking out a lot of tree and shrub flowers 
locally (Bloomington IN) quite a few blossoms survived. In many lawns 
the dandelions are blooming up a storm. If I had mowed, like many of my 
neighbors who couldn't even wait for the grass to grow, most of the lawn 
flowers would have been reduced to mulch. If I were a pollinator, I'd be 
VERY grateful for dandelions. Still might experiment with offering 
additional food. In the meantime, I'm rapidly replacing lawn with 
blooming species.

roxann wrote:
> i put out some sugar water for the bees at my house on saturday morning. there were a few honeybees at the time. lol. i went away for an hour and came back to what appeared to be the entire hive on the plate with sugar water! it was poor thinking to leave the plate under the porch the first time because bees were swarming the entire porch and front door, but thankfully they were all in a jovial mood and didn't even bother stinging the people as we went in and out for the rest of the day. there are no flowers blooming here now because the recent freezes and frosts killed all the flowers that were blooming. so i imagine that the pollinators are extremely thankful for any food put out for them right now. hummingbirds too.
> roxann, nw ar

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