[permaculture] Reminder of Geoff Lawton PDC courses coming up

Sean Maley semaley at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 18 16:32:23 EDT 2007

Other than a full page advertisement in Permaculture Activist, I'm not sure how well publicized this might be.  Apparently, Geoff has made the decision to devote less time to personally conduct PDC courses.  Therefore, this May and June may be the last opportunity to attend a course with him for some time.

Here is a peek into why there has been a spike in demand for his services:

2007 USA Spring PDC course schedule

April 30 -> May 7    High Falls, NY (Camp Epworth/Green Phoenix Permaculture)     845-687-7646
May 14 -> May 27    New Cuyama, CA (Quail Springs Permaculture Farm)     805-866-7239

May 28 -> June 9    Portland, OR (Portland Permaculture Institute)     503-293-8004

June 11 -> June 14    Advanced Bolinas, CA (Regenerative Design Institute)     415-868-9681
June 16 -> June 30    Standard Bolinas, CA (Regenerative Design Institute)   415-868-9681

Don't miss out ;)  Please forward to your local email lists and contacts, or print out a brochure and post where appropriate.


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