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I have been studying catchment since 2002. When I ran my landscaping
company, I built some elementary rain gardens. Living in a part of town
that downgraded from 100 year flood plain to 5 year flood plain and may
downgrade more if the $100 million project of catchment that is several
miles from us doesn't work, selling rain gardens wasn't a hard thing to
do. They are growing in demand. I would love to do it again. With my
physical disabilities, I could only do the admin/supervisory work and
not hands on like before. See www.celestialhabitats.com for some pix of
these in the works in progress section.

As far as graywater, I have a neighbor who works for a public works
engineering firm and at the flood seminars I have talked extensively to
them about filtering gray water into clean water using what I liken to a
compostable toilet OR a bio-system habitat with multi-levels of

Some of this stuff I'm up on and some not as well.

Water conservation and management seems to be increasing across the

One of the ways I got interested in this was waterwise gardening and
keeping the water on the property and out of the storm sewer. Since we
live next to a saltwater bay, I tell people I don't need their
fertilizer in my shrimp. (wouldn't eat the shrimp from there anyway but
you get the point)

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I think we should start taking a serious look at gray water and water
catchement.  I think gray water will turn out to be relatively
inexpensive and worth doing before to many years pass. I think that
there may be some simple water  catchement that we can do that will also
help. I will slowly research this.  I am now convinced that while there
maybe some wet years on average it is going to be worse not better. 
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