[permaculture] Climate Change and Energy Taskforce report - Brisbane City Council

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Wed Apr 11 19:48:10 EDT 2007

        Climate Change and Energy Taskforce report - Brisbane City

Information about the Climate Change and Energy Taskforce report. I sent 
this out earlier but just got around to reading it in more detail. Yikes 
and crikey! The storm surge maps are startling.

Sobering report which can be used as a template for cities everywhere. 
Great lists of what to do and by when. I've passed it along to the City 
Council in Bloomington. You may want to do likewise in your locale. The 
Cuban example becomes exceedingly more relevant.

*The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil
*53 minutes, DVD or VHS, 2006, $20

US / Canada 	Elsewhere
DVD $24.00 	DVD $26.00


$24.00 	$26.00


The need to bring agriculture into Havana began with the fall of the 
Soviet Union and the loss of more than 50 percent of Cuba's oil imports, 
much of its food and 85 percent of its trade economy. Transportation 
halted, people went hungry and the average Cuban lost 30 pounds.

Due to the continuing US embargo, but also because of the loss of a 
foreign market, Cuba couldn't obtain enough imported food. Furthermore, 
without a substitute for fossil-fuel based large-scale farming, 
agricultural production dropped drastically.

So Cubans started to grow local organic produce out of necessity, 
developed bio-pesticides and bio-fertilizers as petrochemical 
substitutes, and incorporated more fruits and vegetables into their 
diets. Since they couldn't fuel their aging cars, they walked, biked, 
rode buses, and carpooled.

The goals of this film are to give hope to the developed world as it 
wakes up to the consequences of being hooked on oil, and to lift 
American's prejudice of Cuba by showing the Cuban people as they are. 
The filmmakers do this by having the people tell their story on film. 
It's a story of their dedication to independence and triumph over 
adversity, and a story of cooperation and hope.

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