[permaculture] Everybody

J. Kolenovsky garden at hal-pc.org
Mon Apr 9 14:20:32 EDT 2007

It seems like everybody woke up in this country and are buzzing about
global warming, tailpipe emissions, green architecture, sustainability,
localisation, peak-oil, oil addiction, endangered species, preserving
habitats and much, much more. Where have they been? Venus, Jupiter? In
my opinion, I think this is good. I hope its not too late after reading
Larry's mass extinction post. It was 35 pages and I feel like I killed a
sapling. Hell, got to have some humor in such a depressing state. Lets
get the guns and advance to "Mad Maxx" status. I like dune buggies and
John Beluchi "eat me" tanks.

Seroiusly, I hope all this awareness doesn't:

1. run into each other or leach onto one or another
2, that bad elements (politicians, crooks, thieves, Lex Luthers) don't
creep into what is otherwise a good overall plan
3. that profiteers have a heart instead of a billfold (if so, may they
go to hell and cry for Koolade)
4. screw up more of what is an abortion already

Since I'm an optimist, I think it will produce more than good by a small
margin or maybe a bit more than that. It probably will not be a panacea
or utopia. Certainly not a Gaia.


Energy shortages prove its right.
Peak Oil changing is your lifestyle.
www.energybulletin.net   - exhilirating
www.peak-oil-news.info/ - informative
www.theoildrum.com/     -  interesting
www.postcarbon.org/     -  practical
www.celestialhabitats.com - cool

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