[permaculture] any Permaculture plans for the US Social Forum?

kevin s k.skvorak at verizon.net
Sun Apr 8 13:10:59 EDT 2007

hey all,

i am wondering if any permaculturalists have the US Social Forum in 
their plans for the end of June?

there is a lot going on these days within the intersections of social 
justice and sustainable design culture, and it seems like a good 
opportunity for more of this cross fertilization to happen.

i know some of the USSF organizers in the NE, and they sounded very 
excited about a proposal for a permaculture workshop.

before i send something in, i am wondering if anyone else out there 
is interested in a collaborative panel 
presentation/discussion/workshop?  (or maybe someone already has 
something planned?)

with all of the work that has been going on out there, esp in places 
like New Orleans lately, i should think there are a lot of folks out 
there that can share knowledgably about their efforts to apply their 
permaculture skills within social justice/relief/community 
solidarity/activism contexts.

any other folks out there interested?


USSF website:  http://www.ussf2007.org/

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