[permaculture] change was What's happening to the bees?

KNat knat at sprintmail.com
Thu Apr 5 07:28:43 EDT 2007

J. Kolenovsky wrote:
> Although I just started following stuff like this about 15 years ago,
> this type of analysis and awareness seems to be be just occurring in
> this decade. At least that's how it seems to me.
> Hey, I'm not a pessimist but is there anyone out there that can inject a
> bit of good news about the future? Or will the good news come after a
> predicted die-off? 
As someone who started earlier than that, I offer the good news for the 
future is now, and your existence is proof. For 15 years this system has 
had not only your but an exponentially greater percentage of aware 
humans. Envision die-off not as cataclysm to happen soon, but as always 
occurring. Why you have space between your fingers. Our  system is 
experiencing beliefs changeover. Old beliefs are dying out and new 
beliefs, that serve us better, are clarifying in more of our collective. 
It is especially notable in the human brain receptacles. Will we see 
change in more and more, of course. I see it all the time now. My elders 
tell me it is time to speak plain and we can speak aloud without fear 
for our time has come. We are the ones we waited for.
The future change has already happened. The question is, how do we live 
now? The more people asking the faster the answers. But I do not promise 
easy coasting we fantasize and have promoted in our commercial media. 
Fast change means lots of movement. Lots of movement means friction. The 
gathering heat is not nearing a fire but moving at a more rapid pace. 
That takes adjustment. We need to slow down to a pace others can balance 
But the good news about the future is it's here already and we don't 
need to spend time predicting it or fearing it (both developed as sales 
techniques not scientific tools, btw.)


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