[permaculture] GE-guide-to-measuring-HGT.pdf

Tommy Tolson healinghawk at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 4 21:15:20 EDT 2007

Lawrence F. London, Jr. wrote:
> Tommy Tolson wrote:
>> See if this works.  The attachment method did not work for me.
> All attached files in messages posted to this list are removed
> before appending to the archives and sending out to subscribers.
> Pretty obvious why: people attach huge files sometimes (big problem for most)
> and viruses can be propagated this way. In future I will set up a blog and/or wiki where you all can post your documents 
> and graphical files, but you will have to register for access (no problem there either, no work, no spam, etc., unlike
> myspace).
This file may facilitate critical mass in organized resistance to GMOs.  
It tells in no uncertain terms that we do not have a clue what we're 
doing and we have no way of telling the effect we're having on the 
genetic structure of the natural order, which is of critical importance, 
I think, to Permaculturists.  I suppose a virus could attach itself 
somehow but the pdf file came through my firewalls and software and left 
clean.  I'm not a hacker.  I'm not nearly that facile with computers.  
But I understand your caution, having seen what viruses have done to 
people's computers.  This attachment prints out to six pages.  Some of 
it is a glossary of terms, some of it is information about the authors, 
one an American who teaches in New Zealand.  Maybe everyone already 
knows this.  I saw "The Future of Food" and didn't learn this, that I 
recall, so I'm into disseminating this information.  I've sent it to 
several Congresspersons.  It seems they are the only people powerful 
enough to avoid Monsanto lawsuits.  I'll try something that doesn't end 
up being an attachment.  Thanks for telling me what's frustrating me. 

Tommy Tolson

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