[permaculture] Pacific NW - Plant Propagation Weekend Workshop

Dave Boehnlein permaculture.dave at gmail.com
Tue Apr 3 16:59:54 EDT 2007

Hey Folks,

I thought there might be folks from our neck of the woods interested
in this course!

Dave Boehnlein
Education Director
Bullock's Permaculture Homestead


Plant Propagation Weekend Workshop - May 4-6, 2007

Where: At the Bullock's 30 year old Permaculture Homestead, Orcas Island, WA

Instructors: Douglas Bullock, Joseph Bullock & Sam Bullock

Learn how to get all the great plants you've been looking for yourself
without breaking the bank. Fruit & nut trees, shrubs, perennials,
annuals, rootstocks, etc.

Hands-on experience in:

    * Seeding - scarification, mediums, etc.
    * Cuttings - hardwood, softwood, root, etc.
    * Grafting - theory, whip & tongue, cleft, etc.
    * Layering - for berries & other fruit
    * Division - root, crown, etc.

Course Tuition: $180; includes delicious, mostly organic meals,
camping space, & materials. Payment is due upon course registration.
Course is limited to 40 participants.

For more info contact:
Dave Boehnlein
permaculture.dave at gmail.com

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