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I strongly encourage you to do this. Let them know about the scheduled

*January 5-20, 2007 - The First Ever Permaculture Design Course for 
Trinidad - Tobago hosted by **Wa Samaki Ecosystems 

with Peter Bane : publisher of Permaculture Activist, the world's oldest 
journal of permanent culture, for over 15 years. His writing has 
appeared in books and magazines in Britain, Canada, Australia, and the 
U.S. Awarded the Diploma of Permaculture Design in 2005 for work in 
community building, teaching, and media, his extension practice has 
taken him throughout the Hemisphere from Canada to Chile; since 1992 he 
has trained over 700 men and women in Permaculture design and teaching. 
In his own region of the southern Appalachian Mountains, Peter was a 
founding member and principal land use planner for Earthaven Ecovillage, 
where he lived with his partner in an off-grid, timber-frame, earth and 
straw home they built with hand tools.

Also featuring presentations by Dr. Hugh Skinner on experiences gained 
from practicing Permaculture in Trinidad since his initial encounter 
with the founder of Permaculture, Bill Mollison almost 30 years ago. Dr 
Skinner was among the pioneers of Permaculture, transforming a fire 
climax Eucalyptus forest into a diverse ecosystem. He was a founding 
member of the Rare Fruits Council of Australia. On his return to 
Trinidad in 1989 he was able to establish up to 50 exotic tropical plant 
species here.

Write or run, don't walk! Let them know you have some support and 
impetus behind you for this.

Charles de Matas wrote:
>   The government of Trinidad & Tobago is in the process of establishing a 
> new university, the University of Trinidad and Tobago.  I read in the 
> newspapers recently that they are considering the introduction of a program 
> in agriculture, to help increase local food production and to address the 
> problem of declining enrollment in agriculture at the University of the West 
> Indies, the dominant regional university.  I think I will write to the 
> minister of Science and Tertiary education and suggest that the government 
> establish a department of sustainable food production at the new university. 
>   This can provide practical training to young people in various modalities, 
> organic gardening and farming, biointensive mini-farming, agroforestry and, 
> of course, permaculture.  There are a few local organic farmers who I think 
> could teach in such a program and who have developed organic solutions to 
> many of the our local problems.  I think they can also try to get someone 
> who has permaculture design certification, and has experience of tropical 
> conditions.
> Charles
> T&T
Keith Johnson
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also Patterns for Abundance Design & Consulting

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