[permaculture] new university

Charles de Matas cdematas at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 30 15:10:01 EDT 2006

  The government of Trinidad & Tobago is in the process of establishing a 
new university, the University of Trinidad and Tobago.  I read in the 
newspapers recently that they are considering the introduction of a program 
in agriculture, to help increase local food production and to address the 
problem of declining enrollment in agriculture at the University of the West 
Indies, the dominant regional university.  I think I will write to the 
minister of Science and Tertiary education and suggest that the government 
establish a department of sustainable food production at the new university. 
  This can provide practical training to young people in various modalities, 
organic gardening and farming, biointensive mini-farming, agroforestry and, 
of course, permaculture.  There are a few local organic farmers who I think 
could teach in such a program and who have developed organic solutions to 
many of the our local problems.  I think they can also try to get someone 
who has permaculture design certification, and has experience of tropical 


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