[permaculture] OT: need creative Linux install solutions on WinXP machine with lots of PC and SustAg info to manage (with Linux)

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Sat Sep 30 02:37:43 EDT 2006

Basically I need to do a Linux install on a Win XP machine where I already do all my email with Mozilla 1.7.8.

If I upgrade my workstation and need to reinstall Mozilla (or maybe TBird + Firefox instead) how do I get my old Mozilla 
profile to be recognized as current one with same filters and folders, all functional as before to keep on rolling.

The whole thingy with Mozilla and all Netscape superclones is so insecure, clumsy and sometimes difficult that I am 
considering installing Linux with email feed and postprocessing with Procmail, if I can get that installed. Is there a 
Linux version for a personal standalone workstation with easy email install plus an email filter or an easy way to 
install Procmail. I would probably opt for half email IDs in Win XP, the other half in Linux. Can/how can I share file 
systems between the 2 OS's on the same machine; just having the Linux side read the Win filesystem would suffice. I can 
copy Mozilla email folder files (the text ones) to a Linux Pine email client and read and process them just fine. How do 
I network 2 Win/Linux machines just to share file systems, not apps?

2 questions:
1) How to migrate my Mozilla profile (email, settings & mail folders) to a new machine with a new Mozilla (or 
TBird/Firefox) install.
2) What's a good Linux version to use with easy OS and email install; would be nice to use a web browser in Linux too.
3) How to get 2 Linux/Win boxes to share filesystems

Many thanks to the many learned gurus in this list for any help.

Lawrence F. London, Jr.
Venaura Farm
lfl at intrex.net
info at market-farming.com
Venaura Farm, sustainably-grown produce & garden handtools
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