[permaculture] Reforestation in Acre, Brazil

Marsha Hanzi mhanzi at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 28 04:53:30 EDT 2006

I met Jorge Viana in Rio Branco when he was still
mayor there- he brought me and my colleague Marcio
Armandi in to do the first Permaculture courses there,
in a peri-urban  garden settlement he was developing
as a green belt  to stop the city sprawl into the
outskirts, and to guarantee food security for Rio
Branco ( which at the time was importing food by plane
from São Paulo).

He is a good administrator, with vison, an excellent
professional, and not a politician. Has even had his
life threatened by large wood companies for clamping
down on their illicit activities in Acre. Practically
a miracle to have someone like him as governor...

Gives you hope.


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