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Lisa in Oregon lisamaciver8 at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 27 23:04:57 EDT 2006

Millet question: I grew a little proso millet this year, but the 
hulls stay on, make it a problem for eating it myself.  I've read 
that pearl millet is what I want, it will thresh free of the hulls.  
Can anyone confirm?  

I get tiny packets from Bountiful Gardens or Synergy seeds...

Lisa in Ashland Oregon

> <http://www.welterseed.com/productItems.aspx?id=12&org=0>
> Product Catalog
> Sorghums, Millets, Sudangrass
> Brown Mid-Rib Sorghum Sudan
> Bundle King Forage Sorghum
> German Millet
> Japanese Millet
> Milo or Grain Sorghum
> Monarch V Hybrid Sudangrass
> Pearl Millet
> Piper Sudangrass
> Proso Millet
> Red Top Plus Brown Mid Rib Sorghum Sudan
> Sorghum-Sudan Hybrid

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