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> http://www.odemagazine.com/article.php?aID=4329
> Think global, act natural
> by Tijn Touber
> Nature directs us to the best solutions for pollution and poverty. Ode sat
> down for a conversation with biologist Elisabet Sahtouris.
> ____________________
> Elisabet Sahtouris has a simple message: Evolution is not a life-and-death
> struggle in which only the fittest survive. She says there is a great deal
> missing in Darwin's theory, which for too long has been used to justify
> hunger, poverty and the continual devastation of the planet.
> These are ideas that challenge typical thinking in the field of science,
> which is no surprise coming from a maverick like Sahtouris. At the age of
> 43, she walked away from her laboratory at the American Museum of Natural
> History in New York because the accepted Darwinian view of evolution had
> become too restrictive for her. At age 43, she gave up her position as a
> science writer with the Nova-Horizon TV series in Boston to go fishing. She
> bought a boat and settled on a Greek island. There, surrounded by the daily
> reality of life in and around the water, she discovered what she believed
> about how the world is really put together.
> And this is what she realized: Seventeenth-century philosopher René
> Descartes taught that nature works like machinery that can be understood and
> dominated by humans. Darwin described a battleground among species that
> fought to survive at the expense of one another. As a result, domination and
> competition have become a part of the modern world viewhttp://www.sahtouris.com and
> http://www.ratical.org/lifeweb
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