[permaculture] OT: NAFTA Super Highway, informative article about it

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Mon Sep 25 00:40:26 EDT 2006

Ben Martin Horst wrote:

> I'm in no place to know whether or not this "NAFTA Superhighway" is or 
> isn't in the works, but before people work themselves into a tizzy about 
> this, it's worth noting that the author of this article, Jerome Corsi, 
> has some pretty shady journalistic credentials at best. His list of 
> books include:

> True or not, we certainly live in a time and (for those of us in the US, 
> at least) a place where the government tries to sneak stuff by the 
> citizens all the time. It behooves us to be vigilant. But it pays to 
> check sources as well.

I should have checked his credibility but the article seemed to contain
a general overview of the project worth reading for quick information.
On the face of it the NSH could be a good thing but with potentially
lots of negative ramifications, Corsi mentions bypassing unions and there
emminent domain and lots of other things. As far as I can tell there is a
real need to augment the overloaded shipping posts the US already has with other,
newer ones, i.e. Southern Mexico + NSH. I want some of those Brazilian oranges,
affordable and properly ripened, tired of crap citrus on the groser's shelves
when we can do so much better. If they can grow good oranges they can grow
Meyer lemons, like I can here outdoors in warm weather, indoors in cold.

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