[permaculture] spinach fecoterrorism?

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Sat Sep 23 00:38:19 EDT 2006

josh smith wrote:

> the movie The Future of Food rings true...
> i am glad to hear that they will simply turn uder the spinach- that
> mean stuff, always breeding those human hating bugs!!! at least we
> will be safe with our friend the broccoli- in fact, i think i will do
> the same with my home garden- for solidarity's sake...  sigh....

I think there are far more pesticides used on broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage
and they are far more difficult and labor intensive to grow and harvest; add to that less
or no market for those from the quick salad makin's people who primarily offer
baby greens, spinach, romaine hearts, mixed salad greens, instant salad ingredients
in a bag, etc etc - but no broc/caul but yes on cabbage, shredded but often red
and in limited offerings.

So for solidarity's sake you'll also need to get out the triple seventeen, aglime,
pesticide spray rig and put up a sign offering work for migrant pickers. Maybe you
could entice Huge-O Chavez to come up from Venezuela to help out, just to show he's not afraid to
get his hands in the dirt. I wonder if he did any photo-ops in Cuba helping the farmers and gardeners work their 
magnificent natural biointensive regenerative vermicomposted urban food gardens and farms within their magnificent 
foodshed system.

I am joking you know, except for the last sentence.

A question: Lately, there was some very interesting news about Brazil having become the largest exporter of orange juice 
in the Western Hemisphere. Their oranges are a choice gourmet variety and their product is excellent. They do export to 
the US and do some processing here having bought a few plants in Florida from Coca-Cola. How are whole oranges or raw 
juice brought to the US from Brazil? By ship directly from Sao Paulo to Miami or some other Gulf Coast port? Could the 
Nafta Super Corridor be used to bring it from a Gulf Coast port (Vera Cruz or further South?) into the US for delivery 
at points along the NSC for transport to processing and distribution facilities?

Personally, I see nothing wrong with importing Brazilian oranges as long as a balance is established with production 
from US orange growers (drought and cold weather sometimes interfere with US production). This makes the NSC look like a 
very interesting prospect perhaps making product distribution more efficient in every respect as long as the emminent 
domain issue is resolved fairly.

UN involvement is another issue associated with operation of the NSC. Did I say United Nations involvement? There is a 
rumor that the NSC will be under UN control and/or they will be granted some sort of administrative and/or operational 
jurisdiction. Does that mean China sending a military contingent? Will that eventually result in Chinese policemen, 
hired as military contractors to work on the domestic front like Blackwater, scouring the countryside for communes and 
intentional/eco/pc communities with groups practicing Tibetan Buddhism? Haul them off in Yellow helicopters in the dark 
of night to be transported as hooligans to China to work in slave labor prison camps making plastic dingbats for 
Whale-Mart? Tienamen Square and Invasion of Tibet syndrome revisted - bring in military thugs from way out of area with 
no nationalistic cultural or emotional ties to those they are asked to control, subjugate or otherwise brutalize. I 
know, they'll be allowed to work as military subcontractors, national-guard/Blackwater-style (in violation of the Passe 
Comitatas statute) and granted their yellow card only after they have completed a course of study, with honors, at one 
of the bible-thump colleges; Pat Robertson's and Jerry Falwell's getting special government grants to prepare for the 
extra enrollment. Comic relief.

Just joking about this last paragraph. Disclaimer: This was not a political rant or very permaculturally on-topic.

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