[permaculture] Profiting by making a killing - 30 years of legislation gone in a blink.

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Non-Americans on the list, is this kind of insanity happening in your 
countries, too?


      RFK JR.'s Impassioned Plea For The Environment

Today I received a large envelope from Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.  The 
following are several quotes from his letter:

"Today, I'm writing to alert you that the next several months will be 
"do or die" for America's environment.

Why?  Because the Bush White House is quietly putting radical new 
policies in place that will let its corporate cronies poison our air, 
foul our water and devastate our wildlands for decades to come.

This sweeping onslaught will cripple many of the safeguards that protect 
us from the very worst excesses of the oil,coal, logging and chemical 

"Here is a small sampling of what they're looking to accomplish for 
their corporate allies over the next critical months--unless we succeed 
in stopping them:

 .  They would allow industries to spew more cancer-causing pollution 
into the air we breathe, under a new draft to weaken the Clean Air Act.

 .  They want to speed up oil and gas drilling in some of America's most 
sensitive and irreplaceable ecosystems including Greater Yellowstone and 
Utah's redrock canyons.  /Note:  Yellowstone sits on top of the world's 
largest volcano/

 .  They plan to treat mercury pollution from power plants as non-hazardous.

 .  They would open all l55 of our national forests to logging without 
regard for the devastating impacts on the wolves, bears, eagles and 
other wildlife."

As if this were not enough incentive to sign the petition enclosed with 
Mr. Kennedy's letter, today I received this e-mail from Act For Change.

Tell Texas Gov. Perry: No New Dirty Coal Plants

Contributed by Environment Texas

Two-thirds of Texas families live in places where on certain days of the 
year, it's basically not safe to breathe. Now, aided by an executive 
order by Governor Perry to fast-track the permitting process, energy 
companies are planning to build new 17 coal-fired power plants across 
Texas -- a certain disaster for Texas' air quality.

Far from enhancing Texas' energy security, the wave of proposed plants 
-- all of them powered by dirty, last-generation technologies -- would 
dramatically increase global warming and smog emissions and pose energy 
security and economic problems related to their dependence on fossil fuels.

Power plants currently produce 39% of U.S. carbon-dioxide emissions, 80 
percent of which comes from coal-fired power plants. Texas leads the 
United States in carbon dioxide emissions with 656 million metric tons 
in 2001.

Texas could completely avoid the need to build any new coal plants if we 
simply invested the same amount of money in energy efficiency. This 
would not only help reduce pollution, but also help consumers save money.

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