[permaculture] At the border - travel, migration & radical (climate) change

E X livetrii at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 20 04:46:42 EDT 2006

 Dear action heroes of the Earth,
     Greetings from the US-Mexico border! 
   Actually at the moment I'm still dozens of miles north in Tucson, Arizona, but here too one sees evidence of the ideological and legal war over migration everywhere -- progressive homes and stores showcase posters saying "Humanitarian Aid Is Never A Crime - No More Deaths / No Mas Muertes" while less compassionate political placards of candidates running for election call for "secure borders" and fascistic signs abound reminding citizens that hiring or helping "illegal aliens" is criminal behavior...
    Elsewhere around the USA, from Santa Cruz to rural Georgia, federal agents are  currently rounding up undocumented immigrants in Operation "Return to Sender," and destroying entire communities, with quiet and ruthless efficiency eerily reminiscient of Hitler's Germany. You won't hear about this in the mainstream media, but it's really happening! 
   Within days I will cross over the border en route to Ciudad de Mexico (Mexico City) to join Rising Tide North America's Climate Justice Convergence countering the October 3-4 "G8 plus five" Energy and Environmental Ministers Meeting on Climate Change.
    A central purpose of this mobilization in Mexico City is to highlight the connection between climate change and human migration -- and to confront the corporate / governmental policies systematically violating both the Earth's climate and the human rights of migrant people.
    Extreme weather ... environmental refugees ... free trade ... maquiladoras ... trucks freely crossing borders, spewing carbon dioxide, while poor migrants displaced from their land by the industrial agriculture and factories of corporate globalization die trying to cross the desert ... rich consumers flying into exotic Third World resorts, spewing more C02 ... McDonald's burning rainforests, destroying the "lungs of the Earth" that breathe in irreplacable magnitudes of C02 and driving the indigenous inhabitants -- where?!? ... Is the connection clear? 
   And yet, some people possess the privilege, by virtue of white skin or economic well-being, to easily cross these borders, and aim to use that privilege to increase the momentum for solidarity across borders, human liberation from the chains and walls of oppression, and radical ecological defense in the face of an insane machine-minded culture thoughtlessly eradicating all biodiversity and rapidly transforming the very climate that had sustained our own species for thousands of years.
   Is it too late for revolutionary cultural change preventing the worst effects of unimaginable climate chaos? Can a white desperado and dropout from middle-class USA suburbia learn anything about effective resistance and struggle from the social insurrections currently shaking Mexico to its core, from Oaxaca to Atenco? Only time will tell, but we can hope... 
    To learn more about and/or stay updated with the cross-border, bi-lingual Mexico City mobilization against the G8+5 Climate Summit, visit:
    ** And don't forget! ** There are concrete ways you can help this mobilization from the USA, or anywhere! Help is needed with translations from and into Spanish, as well as English-language independent media activism countering the G8 corporate spin --- and there's a beautifully eloquent fundraising call for immediate support on the websites that y'all should read and forward widely! Please contact G8 at RisingTideNorthAmerica.org with your expressions of solidarity and support -- large, small or life-changing.
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