[permaculture] In the interest of diversity .. OT: let the music keep your spirits high

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Tue Sep 19 02:04:03 EDT 2006

For the faithful obsessed with gems of music:

Iceland: Bjork

old Rolling Stones
old Byrds
Jose Feliciano
Jim Morrison and the Doors
"Light My Fire"

Norway: Hardanger fiddle, song

nothing recorded after 1985 almost
Manolo Caracol, cantaor   Melchor de Marchena, guitar
very innovative, spontaneous, almost mystical
Nino Ricardo, guitar
Juanito Valderrama, cantaor

Celia Cruz, a singer with a magnificent voice
the instrumental accompaniments are almost carribean-primitive in some of this kind of salsa

Middle East
Hamza el Din, oud

most any bouzouki music

Kaoma (group)
  - maybe one of the most beautiful pieces of music I have ever heard, it will put fire in your life
Lambada is a traditional Bolivian song also; the group Kjarkas has recorded it

Venezuelan traditional harp music

old LP album by Los Incas
all the familiar traditional Peruvian songs, I guess mostly from the Andes
guitars, charango, pipes, drums
Beautiful, enchanting, spiritual, nostalgic - the soul of the Andes and the people there


Early folkways recording of pigmy music from Madagascar
every permaculturist should listen to this at least once in his/her life
I think this singing style is still carried on in parts of Africa and Madagascar

early Folkways or Columbia World Library of Folk and Primitive Music
recording of Haitian voodoo music; chanting and with drumming accompanyment
-Talk about drumming! this is the ultimate, most hypnotizing, enchanting mystical sound
I have ever heard performed on that instrument - really tuned into some distant
strange place in the continuum

Pearls for folks.
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