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"I'm one of those "cook it to a fair-thee-well" folks."  

That kills all the enzymes you need to digest the food, so be sure to take digestive enzymes. 

Here is a quote from "How To Beat Your Prostate Cancer" - 

"The plant-based enzymes - highly concentrated amylase, protease, lipase and cellulase derived from pure vegetable sources - should be taken whenever you eat cooked or processed food. They support your body's natural digestion of starches, proteins, fats and cellulose, by providing in a supplement what your body would normally get by eating enzyme-rich raw food."

And another long quote:
"Food enzymes break food down so its constituents are small enough to pass into the blood or lymph system, enabling the body to effectively utilize them.

The key fact is that cooking destroys enzymes. Heating some as to as low as 118º F will kill them, and then they are not available to help your body digest your food. Three minutes in boiling water destroys the enzymes; pasteurization destroys 80% to 95%; and baking, frying, broiling, stewing and canning destroy 100%. Nature designed food with enough enzymes in it to digest the food when it is eaten. When cooking or other processing destroys enzymes, eating that food triggers the body's immune system to donate enzymes to the digestive process, and it responds with a condition called "digestive leukocytosis." The white blood cells (leukocytes) that normally fight fever, infections, inflammations and the like, dramatically increase when they sense a lack of enzymes in the cooked food in the intestine. At first, this was considered normal because virtually everyone has it, but Dr. Paul Kautchakoff, MD, found it was not the normal body condition at all, just very widespread due to eating cooked food.

Your pancreas has some ability to make enzymes in addition to its other functions, like making insulin and playing a major part in operating the immune system. If you eat a small amount of cooked food, it won't make much difference. But a steady diet of cooked food with killed enzymes will cause your pancreas to work overtime. It can literally double in size trying to produce enough enzymes to keep up with your needs, often contributing to blood sugar problems like diabetes and hypoglycemia. It was never intended to provide 100% of the digestive enzymes you need, and eventually it will "go on strike" from exhaustion. That sleepy, lethargic feeling many people get after eating is a symptom of the depletion the body suffers in this process. There are simply not enough metabolic enzymes left in the blood after eating to run the body at pre-meal levels. The depletion results in a loss of energy, taken away from operating the body and sent to digest what was eaten.

At that point, the body will do the best it can and simply open the pores of the gut to pass incompletely digested food into the bloodstream. That has two negative consequences.
First, the body will use poorly digested food to build poor cells that are subject to all manner of problems and ills. Second, the body will not recognize some particles as food, but will treat them like invading foreign organisms, and turn on your immune system to fight them.
That, in turn, creates two more problems. First, immune system power is wasted fighting something that is not really an enemy, and therefore your reserves for fighting real problems, like prostate cancer, are diminished. Second, as your immune system fights the food you are eating, it can create side effects ranging from itchy skin to irregular heartbeat, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), irritability and so on."

You can also juice lots of fruits and vegetable to get the plant-based enzymes, organic and home-grown being the best, of course.

Regards, Michael

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