[permaculture] Permaculture and Sustainability Progress?

Sean Maley semaley at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 18 16:35:20 EDT 2006

--- Rael Bassan <rael at ripco.com> wrote:
> In preparing for a coming program, the issue of evaluating progress in 
> permaculture became of interest. The following questions came to mind:
> 1) With increasing awareness about climate change (crisis/destabilization), 
> are WE moving significantly closer to a "permanent culture" globally or 
> locally/regionally? (WE can refer to both those concerned about 
> permaculture and sustainability as well as the planet as whole.)

No.  Judging from Peak Oil friends, the techno-fix is still a popular belief.  Most people seem to
hold out hopes of saving our "culture" rather than "humanity".  When posed directly, it isn't
uncommon for there to be no percieved discrepancy between the two choices, "culture" and
"humanity".  After a life time of believing in salvation, the reality may be too shocking to
adjust within a short period of time.  The choices may only make sense when one is ready to leave
the hierarchy (at which point the techno-fix becomes nonsense).

> 2a) If so, which developments are most relevant?
> 2b) If not, what is most needed?

Freeing land from userous ownership and bootstrapping rhizome networks.


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