[permaculture] Vocabulary for a new world

Steve Hoog livingpotentials at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 18 09:08:14 EDT 2006

Kathyann---at Morningstar we've done "council of all beings" weekends which culminates in all of the 'beings" having a voice in telling the humans what's up. You could use that or play off on it.---steve           

knat at sprintmail.com wrote:  Hi,
I need some learned suggestions. Our school has a consensus governance and one of the circles contributing is currently called "Land Use." It is the forum for concerns relating to water, wind, seasons, animal life (especially migratory) and coordinates plantings/diggings, and needs of the plants/animals that share the school. (kind of a voice for the non-humans into the process of everyday life.) Anyone think of a better name for the Circle?

ps for any NWNJ folks, it is open to helpful members of the bioregion
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