[permaculture] Screening of Video Circle of Plenty Permaculture Digest Volume 44 Issue 20

Kisan Mehta kisansbc at mtnl.net.in
Sun Sep 17 08:24:53 EDT 2006

Dear Forest Garderners and Permaculture Colleagues,, 

Ref your message in the Permaculture Digest Volume 44 
Issue 20 on the video sceening of the video film 
'Circle of Plenty'. 

Can we request you to organise for a copy of the film
for us located on the other side of hte earth? Prakruti, 
Sanskrit word for nature, is a public trust promoting 
sustainable agriculture. We have a programme 
'City Farming' through  which we promote home 
gardening in pots both for growing vegetables 
for home needs and managing domestic organic 

This film can be a great help to our workers in 
educating our people.   

We would also appreciate developing contact with 
John Jeavons who has devoted 33 years of his life 
to cultivating nature. We hope to learn from his experience.  
We are much obliged for your assistance. 
Best wishes.

Kisan Mehta                  Priya Salvi
Prakruti and Save Bombay Committee
620, Jame Jamshed Road,
4th Floor, Dadar Parsi Colony,
Dadar (East), Mumbai 400014.
Tel. 0091 22 24149688 (Office)
Mobile: 0091 9223448857 (Kisan Mehta)
Mobile: 0091 9324027494 (Priya Salvi)

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