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Jerome Rigot rigot.3 at osu.edu
Tue Sep 12 15:25:19 EDT 2006

Hi Gaianne,

In your original e-mail you mentioned there were several biodynamic 
farms in the area. Could you tell me iif there is a Waldorf school 
near by or a starting Waldorf school?

Thanks, Jerome

At 03:20 PM 9/12/2006, you wrote:
>I just looked at your website.
>this is a perfect area for a midwest site of all that you are involved in
>teaching/living.  just hook-up micro/hydro on the creek, and some wind for
>pumping water(all of which was done here in the past)
>an addition, an adjacent 9 acres may be available (I know the fellow who
>owns it, absent now for 20 some years; an early solar energy pioneer in
>this area)
>the house is allready equipped with solarpit greenhouse just like the one
>in your picture.
>many of the houses still have their barns.  trout in the creek and
>deer,turkey,pheasant in the woods and hills.
>not too mention morels and goldenseal,etc; a veritable pharmacy.
>Zen Temple Monastery at the top of the hill.
>Seed Savers Farm  just 5 miles away.
>& land available to pasture animals, within walking distance.
>The village itself has several amenities...people, even a gay
>couple(actually, several in the area), the general store which is truly
>being the post office, community coffee table, laundry,fishing tackle,
>gifts, some local produce and grocery.did I mention video rental?
>Perhaps most importantly, there are several clean springs for drinking
>water, right in the village.
>And the old schoolhouse is available for music/dancing, teaching and
>community gatherings.  The blacksmith shop still stands.
>It is a place of both history and possibility.  And a very safe place to
>raise a family.
>Native sites -solstice circles, birthing caves, rock art, and bear mounds
>are here, the last area ceded to the white man is this.
>Amish colony up the road.  An organic CSA 3 miles away.
>10 miles to Decorah,Iowa and 35 to LaCrosse,Wisconsin; both have
>colleges/universities with Environmental Studies offerings.
>I do not have it listed yet, preferring first to attempt to call in the
>highest vision for the area.
>I would list it for somewhere between 90-120. There are some people who
>specifically want to live in this village; and that will be my next
>offering.  but first I'd like to find a permie-person.
>The house is solid, honestly built. constructed to the highest standards of
>it's day.  Rock foundation and chimney provide great thermal mass for a
>hot-fired wood stove in the basement(one could actually do away with the
>fuel oil/forced air furnace entirely and just build in a
>masonry stove.  double plastered walls. real plaster.
>it has been insulated.  It is a gracious and beautiful house in it's
>proportions, and not too large. cedar clapboard siding. fairly recent roof,
>furnace, etc.
>I know, you want pictures. but that means I'll have to figure out how to
>use the camera....
>it would probably be faster for you to find a cheap flight into Minneapolis.
>I could pick you up and show you the area.
>A place of primordial origin... come for a look, you may never want to leave.
>my number is 563-546-4664  I'll work on the camera part.
>At 02:03 PM 9/11/2006 -0600, you wrote:
> >please send more info/ listing to us.
> >Brook LeVan
> >executive director
> >
> >harvesting nature's intelligence
> >6107 Highway 133
> >Carbondale, CO  81623
> >tel. 970 963 6107 fax. 970 963 9966
> >brook at sustainablesettings.org
> >www.sustainablesettings.org
> >
> >
> >On Sep 9, 2006, at 2:04 PM, gaia wrote:
> >
> > > Interested parties:
> > > I am relocating, and thus, offering for sale - beautiful permaculture
> > > site.
> > > small scale, 1/2 acre located in a very charming rural village
> > > adjacent to trout stream and 1,500 acres of wildlife preserve.
> > > In the high river bluff country of Northeast Iowa, near the
> > > Mississippi.
> > > Known as the Driftless bio-region, this area is home to the highest
> > > concentration of organic and biodynamic farms in the Midwest.
> > > Good food and good people abound. Colleges and Universities nearby.
> > > House is one of the original village Country French, beautiful
> > > woodwork,
> > > hardwood floors, wood cookstove in large country kitchen;
> > >   attached 25' greenhouse provides solar gain and over-wintering for
> > > greens. developed herb,edible and medicinal flower gardens,
> > > chicken coop, apple trees and berry bushes. Own well on property, wood
> > > auxiliary heat. Canoeing,crosscountry skiing and bike trails.
> > > 2-3 bedrooms.  Ideal for a family or couple. 90,000.
> > > Gaianne Marie Jocquin
> > > 563-546-4664
> > > gaia at oneota.net
> > >
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