[permaculture] [SANET-MG] Keyline system, raised beds, tractor implements & other pics of my farm, 4 acres in production

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Sat Sep 9 03:53:27 EDT 2006

I have added new photos and text, revised the galleries and moved everything to a new website.
The beds are shown being prepared, in their finished state and with emerged seedlings after several days of rain.


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Lawrence F. London, Jr. wrote:

Regarding the large production raised beds I use that I have written
about in the past:

Here are shots of raised beds on the 4 acres I have in vegetable
production on my farm produced using a John Deere 3020 tractor, a
Roll-A-Cone hiller-bedder, a Howard Rotavator, a tillage tool (spring shank
cultivator) and a 3 bottom plow. I have three Yeomans plow shanks which will be
mounted on the 6' toolbar pictured below (YeomansPlowToolbar.jpg) and applied
to the entire acreage when soil moisture in low enough to avoid compaction.
I farm on a number of converging slopes so erosion is a problem, access
by tractor is also. I plan to build small temporary earth dams across
all the beds on all slopes at 100' intervals to limit erosion. I have
dug small ponds in three locations to catch nearly all runoff from the gardens.
The tall, long raised beds were prepared across the grade on the flats, along the slopes on
the contour around curves and on long runs with the grade with cross-beds at 90 degrees as
low dams every 100' for erosion control and water retention; they contain nearly all rainfall
and dispense it gradually during dry times, by soaking up into the growing beds.
During heavy rains the beds look like chinampas and the catchment ponds fill up.

I also have added improved hilling disk hub/axle/mounting assemblies on the Roll-A-Cone hiller-bedder
and am planning on adding a row of 3 to 6 short tillage tines along the front and rear toolbars,
between the disks, for extra seedbed preparation, widening and levelling the tops of the beds,
cutting narrow planting furrows and tilthing and plowdown of crop stubble and weeds.

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