[permaculture] Earth Users Guide to Permaculture review

Graham grahamburnett at blueyonder.co.uk
Fri Sep 8 15:50:32 EDT 2006

Here's my review of the Earth Users Guide to permaculture that I've 
written for Permaculture Magazine. You can buy the book from 
> Earth Users Guide to Permaculture review
> I bought the Earth Users Guide way back in 1994. It was at a time when 
> I'd realised that there was much more to permaculture than making herb 
> spirals and sheet mulch beds, and was desperately hungry to find out 
> more. I'd borrowed Permaculture One and the Designers Manual from the 
> library, but have to admit that as a newcomer didn't find them 
> particularly approachable. Rosemary Morrow's book on the other hand 
> was exactly what I was looking for, and I fondly remember hours spent 
> pouring over its clearly written text, colour photos and the wealth of 
> clear, simple yet beautiful diagrams and illustrations that made the 
> book a visual treat. Drawing on her years of experience in Australia, 
> Vietnam, Cambodia, India and Africa, Morrow communicated the essence 
> of permaculture ethics, principles and design with enthusiasm, 
> translating Holmgren and Mollison's heady but rather theoretical 
> concepts to an accessible 'here's how to do it' approach. After giving 
> an overview of ecological concepts such as understanding landscape, 
> soil, water and climate, the book covered practical applications of 
> permaculture in the home and garden as well as more broadscale areas 
> of farming, aquacultures, orchard and forest management, finally 
> looking at 'social permaculture' strategies such as LETS and 
> bioregionalism. Together with Graham Bell's 'Permaculture Garden', I 
> can honestly say this is a book that changed my life...
> Receiving this new edition was therefore like having a visit from an 
> old friend, being able to spend a good few hours reminiscing and once 
> again sharing their wisdom and inspiration. And as with meeting the 
> best of our old mates, its great to learn that the Earth Users Guide 
> has moved on and grown. In fact its been completely revised and 
> updated to almost twice its original size! In particular the sections 
> on urban permaculture and community building have been expanded, and 
> there are new sections on 'weeds', wildlife gardening, seed saving and 
> pest management, as well as the introduction of concepts like 
> Ecological Footprinting that were virtually unknown in the early 
> 1990s. And best of all, there are loads more new pictures! Morrow 
> continues to empower with her vision that permaculture possibilities 
> are not only open to anybody whatever their circumstances or 
> situation, but can be fun too!
> Graham Burnett

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