[permaculture] Fungi Patented?

Brook LeVan brook at sustainablesettings.org
Fri Sep 8 14:02:33 EDT 2006

Scott and all,

Hey what do you know about people patenting fungal application 
processes?  Just a got a call from a fellow who after hearing about 
what we are doing with the soil/ pasture restoration wants to come out 
from Portland.

  He has a non-profit with patent lawyers on his board that are working 
to liberate the numerous patents on the application processes for 
applying specific fungal cultures to specific chemical brown fields in  
bioremediation efforts.

  So we are being advised to patent this application process to protect 
it for public use or we all could get sued for using it and or 
teaching/promoting it!

God damn these people and this adolescent culture.

Brook LeVan
executive director

harvesting nature's intelligence
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