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From: Nancy Vail <navail at ucsc.edu>
Subject: [Csa-l] Invitation to Cuba for farmers

Travel to Cuba to Witness a REAL Green Revolution:
November 25 - December 4, 2006

The Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems at the
University of California-Santa Cruz and Global Exchange invite you to
join us on a 10-day research delegation to Havana to learn about how
Cuba has become a leader in organic and urban agriculture.

When the Soviet Union collapsed, the island nation of Cuba found
itself cut off from the chemical fertilizers, pesticides and
herbicides on which its farms had long depended. To feed its people,
the Cuban government undertook an unprecedented conversion to organic
and local food production. Today, much of the country's fertilizer
comes from some 175 vermicompost centers that produce more than
90,000 tons of compost annually. Thousands of urban gardens across
the country help feed the island's population, and an estimated
one-third of Havana's arable land is under cultivation. As other
countries pursue conversions to more local and organic agricultural
systems, many are looking toward Cuba as a model.

During the 10-day delegation you will get the chance to talk with
Cubans you would otherwise never meet-agronomists, government
officials, community leaders, and ordinary Havana residents who are
growing their own food. This is a unique opportunity to see for
yourself an internationally recognized example of how to grow closer
connections to our food.

To Learn More Contact Zach Hurwitz at 800-497-2994 or
zach at globalexchange.org or visit

Who Can Go
In the last 15 years Global Exchange has taken thousands of US
citizens to Cuba. Although the US government closely controls who can
go to Cuba, we will facilitate travel to the island for anyone who
meets the requirements under the general license guidelines. For the
purposes of this trip, you must be a full-time farmer, a paid
full-time urban gardener/educator, or an instructor or researcher at
an accredited university to meet the general license guideline

o Tours of rural farms and urban gardens
o Tours of composting facilities
o Meetings with government officials, academics and community leaders
o Discussions with ordinary Cubans about the struggle to grow their own food

What's Included
o Double occupancy room accommodations
o Breakfast and Dinner
o All ground transportation
o Guides and translators
o All program activities
o Reading materials

$2350 from Cancun, Mexico.

Nancy Vail, Farm to College/Community Supported Agriculture Manager
Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems
UCSC, 1156 High St, Santa Cruz, CA 95064
(831) 459-4661   fax:(831) 459-2799
navail at ucsc.edu    www.ucsc.edu/casfs

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