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Michelle Maggiore mmaggior at mindspring.com
Wed Sep 6 12:54:56 EDT 2006

I am a bit confused.....I thought there were plans underway to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico. When I first heard about that, I thought it was a joke, until I remembered how I was treated arriving back in America from Mexico by boat a couple years ago. (We received a welcome dance in Mexico, and coming back into the U.S., we received dogs on us, checking for illegal snails, supposedly. Very embarassing to be treating our Mexican neighbors this way.) Anyhow, which is it? Why are passports now required (as of last year)  to go into either neighboring country of the U.S.? I personally would appreciate the health care options offered in Canada, and the traditions of siesta (and the food!) being integrated cohesively into the U.s. But I know it is not that simple. I am just wondering which is true- wall and passports required, or new union? 
I appreciate this topic being brought to my attention, I have thought much of it in the past few years trying to decide if America was still the place for our family, and wondering how permaeable the borders were as we journeyed North and South to see for ourselves. 
Michelle in Virginia

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