[permaculture] The Community Food Security - Coalition Bridging Borders Toward Food Security - Conference October 7-11 in Vancouver, BC.

Wesley Roe and Marjorie Lakin Erickson lakinroe at silcom.com
Tue Sep 5 09:57:01 EDT 2006

The Community Food Security Coalition (CFSC) www.foodsecurity.org is a 
North American organization of social and economic justice, environmental, 
nutrition, sustainable agriculture, community development, labor, 
anti-poverty, anti-hunger, and other groups. The Coalition has 325 
organizational members in 41 states, 4 Canadian provinces and the District 
of Columbia. We are dedicated to building strong, sustainable, local and 
regional food systems that ensure access to affordable, nutritious, and 
culturally appropriate food to all people at all times. We seek to develop 
self-reliance among all communities in obtaining their food and to create a 
system of growing, manufacturing, processing, making available, and selling 
food that is regionally based and grounded in the principles of justice, 
democracy, and sustainability.

The Coalition achieves its goals through a comprehensive blend of training, 
networking, and advocacy to further the efforts of grassroots groups to 
create effective solutions from the ground up. We provide a variety of 
training and technical assistance programs for community food projects; 
support the development of farm to school and farm to college initiatives; 
advocate for federal policies to support community food security 
initiatives; and provide networking and educational resources.

Bridging Borders Toward Food Security - Conference
The joint conference of the Community Food Security Coalition and Food 
Secure Canada will be held October 7-11 in Vancouver, BC.

This year's event features plenaries on food and health, indigenous food 
systems, and farmers' visions for food sovereignty. Other events include 60 
cutting edge workshops on such themes as food and cities, food and 
communities, and global food issues, short courses, and more than a dozen 
field trips to highlights of the Vancouver area food system. Fantastic 
local food will be served at all meals.
Registration and full conference information is now available at 

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