[permaculture] Teaching pc: that's edutainment!

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. noun [mass noun] the action or practice of moving livestock from one
grazing ground to another in a seasonal cycle, typically to lowlands in
winter and highlands in summer.
- derivatives
transhumant adjective.
- origin early 20th cent.: from French, from the verb transhumer, based on
Latin trans- 'across' + humus 'ground'.

Fascinating eh?

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scott wrote:
>I have watched many people teach permaculture and
have found few that can light up a room with "aha"
moments like Mr Mollison.

other than bill, i have encountered many wonderful
teachers: scott, keith, toby, the bullocks, and others
who kick down excellent info with style. however,
there's one guy in particular i know that can
certainly and regularly provide those aha moments:

Larry Santoyo (aka Blacksnakoyotemon)

most of us on this list have been touched by larry,
some more than others ;-), and pound for pound, he is
one of the best edutainers i know. the key elements
that set him apart are his ear for catchy micropoems,
humor, and a distinct edge which initially caused me
to be angered by him, fear him, and then realize he
was confident/cocky (like bill) because he knew he had
it going on.

there are plenty of softie earth lovers teaching
permaculture, capable and approachable, but larry
plants the sometimes prickly mindseeds that take root
and jungle-up in students for years to come. he's
unique in many ways, and i actually prefer when he
calls spades spades and doesn't coddle students in
their surface-level understandings, or even threatens
their previous beliefs.

additionally, his ability to market and recast his pc
services to take best advantage of local demand is
impressive to say the least. i'm waiting for his
book/movie/stage show/and itunes downloads to access
the mass market audience which will ultimately benefit
from and appreciate his unique talents. 

anyway, there are few things i truly miss on turtle
island, and one of them is the experience of larry
biting my head off and then dumping some of his
magikinjundust down my neck that helps me care for the
earth better.


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