[permaculture] More farmpix: finished raised beds, planted and watered.

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Sun Sep 3 10:15:15 EDT 2006

Margaret Eisenhauer wrote:
> Hello,
> Interesting pictures.  Some questions:
> - how much land have you tilled?

4 acres in production

> - where are you?

central North Carolina

> - is this for market/truck gardening?

Yes. Local sales.

> - what is your method of weed control - cultivation/flame?

Cultivation with tractor implements, 99%, scything, hand weeding & hoeing 1% so far. I expect
I will have to rely on manual methods much more in coming seasons as I wil have weeds mixed with crops.

> Please let us know.
> Thanks.
> Spring Mountain Farm

What do you grow?

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