[permaculture] Food giant, local peak hedghog

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Fri Sep 1 11:50:57 EDT 2006

akiva w wrote:

> if you missed reading the whole article, please check
> the last 2 paragraphs below:
> Food giant bows to hedgehog
> LONDON, England (Reuters) -- Hedgehogs have finally
> humbled 
> burger giant McDonald's after years of campaigning,
> forcing 
> the company to redesign its killer McFlurry ice-cream 
> containers.
> But from September 1, the wide-mouthed opening in the
> lid 
> of the McFlurry containers will be reduced in size,
> making 
> them too small for the sugar-loving animals to get
> their 
> heads into.
> "This is excellent, it is long overdue news," said Fay
> Vass, chief executive of the British Hedgehog
> Preservation 
> Society. "We have been in touch with McDonald's about
> this 
> problem for over five years and are delighted that
> they 
> have at last solved the problem."
> (snip)
> In a related statement, McDonald's announced a new
> locally produced eco-menu choice for the British
> market, the McHedgie sandwich, as a proactive measure
> to deal with future oil shortages.
> Said McDonald's corporate tripster Fatman Gorgealot,
> "Not only is this a tasty meal, but the McHedgie comes
> with sustainably harvested spines to be used as
> toothpicks at meal's end."
> McDonald's stock rose 12% for the day."

There's more yet. There may be hidden collusion between McDonald's and the British dairy industry. Hedgehogs allegedly 
transmit tuberculosis to cattle. Cows make milk so McD can make the ice cream mcflurries. The Brit diary farmers have of 
late been on a campaign roll to sanction the near extermination of hedgehogs to eliminate this threat to their industry.
McD says, Wallah, the light doth shine and there's a glint on the money pile we'll make; we'll help those farmers with 
our little Hedgie Trojan Horse mcflurrie container. Slipped one up on environmentalists and animal rights activists,
until they noticed major losses of hedgehogs that weren't whacked by irate dairy farmers.

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