[permaculture] end of cheap oil=end of middle class? and cuban video

Kathleen Evans evansdk at earthlink.net
Fri Sep 1 08:44:15 EDT 2006

David Travis wrote: "It would be very hard to come up with alternatives to 
petroleum products all on your own, but it wouldn't be hard if you were 
part of a relocalized economy where there were cooperatively owned 
businesses which -- in addition to homesteading and farming themselves 
-- might specialize in manufacturing some time-saving products for extra 

David, do you mean non-electric low-tech gadgets, hand tools, stuff like that? 
All this reminds me of E.F. Shoemacher's book of thirty or so years ago, Small Is Beautiful, Economics As If People Mattered. If we are in for some hard times there seems such richness and wholeness attached to the difficulties if we can manage to survive them. 
Also can someone please re-send the link about the video of Cuban city food producing from a few weeks back? Had a computer virus and lost all old emails among other things.                 Thanks, Kathy

Kathy Evans
evansdk at earthlink.net

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