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rrandall1 rrandall1 at houston.rr.com
Thu Oct 26 09:19:30 EDT 2006

I have found here in Houston that the tree grows well surviving mild  
winters and coming back from the root after frozen.  The leaves are  
quite tasty but tiny and they must be separated from the tiny stems  
that attach them to the branch. Hence a lot of work for the effort.  
Many other greens like sweet  potato spinach are  much more rewarding  
for the labor.

Bob Randall
On Oct 25, 2006, at 5:43 PM, Charles de Matas wrote:

> I started planting Moringa this year.  It grows quite easily from  
> seeds
> which take about 2 weeks to germinate.  I'm in the tropics so I  
> have no
> problems with temperature.  My trees are about 3 feet tall now, and  
> I'm
> starting to use some of the leaves.  Sometimes when I'm near the  
> trees I
> will pick off a few very young leaflets and nibble on them. I try  
> to forage
> whenever I can.  A few times I've gone into food-gathering mode,  
> and cut off
> a few leaves and brought them home to cook them like spinach.   
> Quite tasty
> when cooked actually, but I haven't tried eating it in any large  
> quantity,
> simply because my trees are still small.  It is supposed to be quite
> nutritious, but is hardly used for its leaves in Trinidad.  Some  
> people cook
> the young pods, but even that use is declining, as I rarely see the  
> pods
> being sold in the market anymore.
>    I understand that the trees can be propagated from cuttings, so  
> I will
> let my trees grow tall and cut the trunk to get cuttings.  I  
> definitely want
> to try eating more of it as my production increases.
> Charles
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