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Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Tue Oct 24 14:31:26 EDT 2006

Nick Routledge wrote:

> I would like to complain.
> Thank you.

Well Nick, you've raised a valid point. This is an important issue and "we"
think its important to "us" that we take it under advisement. Here's what we'll do, and we'll need some input from you, 
namely that you submit a request to our committee that you would like to complain. They will review your request and if 
approved will send it along to one of the regional boards for review next time they meet, and they meet quarterly. 
'Course they'll be flooded with requests just like yours more than likely, so, as they only get together for a few hours 
and have "important bidness to diss-cuss" (sessions where they diss each other along with generous cuss-ing for good 
measure) that takes priority over such things as your request, you may have to wait in queue for a few years until your 
request comes up for review. Be advised that if it is not approved by the hairy cracks on the board (rough sawn fir with 
plenty of splinters) then they may "recycle" (see, we're green these days) your request back through the approval 
heirarchy to be re-reviewed. Be also advised that it may get in an endless loop if the board is real busy each time they 
meet and your request (or re-<fill in the blank with more re-'s)request may get kicked out of the system to avoid 
computer lockup from an inability to process an infinity of re-re-re-(fill in the blank>requests for permission to 

But good luck, though.

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