[permaculture] nutritional valuess for designing a system

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Tue Oct 24 14:25:14 EDT 2006

roxann wrote:

>> From: Forest Garden <forestgarden at gvtc.com>
>> I am trying to develop a sustainable feeding system for rabbits, poultry,
>> humans, etc.  I am wanting to use paulownia, tagasate, and moringa trees.  I
>> intend to use those trees as they are hardy, easy to grow, quick growing,

> i think a persimmon tree might be a good addition, for the fruits are very high in calories and nutrition for animals and people. 
> plus the leaves and unripe fruit are good for scours, and other medicinal uses. 

Persimmons would be a good food and forage crop and they propagate readily by underground runners. You can have a yard 
full of them before you know it. An alley cropping/livestock grazing system might work out well. Plant fruit and nut 
trees in widely spaced rows. Allow livestock to graze between the trees. Follow grazing with cropping, rotate grazing to 
previously cropped areas. Paulownia produces valuable furniture-grade wood. The Japanese use a lot of it. Native 
persimmon have the best flavor and bear really well as long as pollination is properly managed.

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