[permaculture] Contacts in Eastern Europe

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Tue Oct 17 13:43:35 EDT 2006

Nick Routledge wrote:

> I'm seeking english-speaking leads in eastern Europe who can help provide some pointers 
 > for an Oregon-based team headed into that neck of the woods this winter, to share and pick up seed. Details at:
> http://www.seedambassadors.org/
> The focus is on the 'peasant agriculture' tribe 
> The Seed Ambassadors Project: http://www.seedambassadors.org 

Contact Peter Vido for possible contacts in and around Slovakia and Austria.

Peter Vido
The Scythe Connection
Co-Operative Scythe Network
1636 Kintore Road
Lower Kintore
New Brunswick, Canada
E7H 2L4
Message phone: 506 273 3010
Fax: 506 273 2977
scythe at scytheconnection.com

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