[permaculture] Contacts in Eastern Europe

Johanna Huss Dowd johanna_dowd at earthlink.net
Tue Oct 17 13:19:07 EDT 2006

The folks at www.onegreenworld.com in Oregon, seem to have good contacts in
the Russian Far East (I have supported the Vavilov Institut through them in
the past). Perhaps they can help you out with Eastern Europe. 

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I'm seeking english-speaking leads in eastern Europe who can help provide
some pointers for an Oregon-based team headed into that neck of the woods
this winter, to share and pick up seed. Details at:


The focus is on the 'peasant agriculture' tribe rather than hob-knobbing it
with the high and mighty. Our western European contacts are strong, although
we are immensely grateful for personal introductions. 

Any suggestions of individuals or organizations we might approach?

In thanks,

The Seed Ambassadors Project: http://www.seedambassadors.org 

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