[permaculture] poop and pee

yarrow at sfo.com yarrow at sfo.com
Mon Oct 16 14:16:42 EDT 2006

It should not smell if you are composting properly. Are you using 
sawdust or something similar to cover each deposit? Are you following 
the instructions in the Humanure Handbook? Are you incorporating a 
variety of materials in your compost pile?

Generally the advice re humanure composting is to become adept at hot 
composting of kitchen and garden wastes before attempting humanure 
composting. Once your first batch of humanure compost has aged a 
year, if you have any doubts at all on whether it's safe to use, get 
it tested by a soil/microbiology lab. Or wait 2 years, or use it on 
ornamentals or fruit trees.

At 9:52 AM -0700 10/16/06, Gregory Konger wrote:
>I have been using pee in my yard for about a year with no problems. 
>However, when I tried composting my poop, I had a problem with smell 
>and animals.  I used a plastic composter from Menards to dump a 5 
>gallon bucket of poop into it every time it became full.  How do I 
>prevent the smell and how do I prevent it from attracting animals? 
>I am also afraid people might find out that I am doing this and 
>report me to the board of health, because I don't know if it is 
>legal.  I live in Fort Wayne, IN, and I would like to be reassured 
>that I won't get into trouble.

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