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Thomas, You're right, I certainly am unqualified....I just thought it
pertained to the heat and time thing, that those things must not be
shortcutted or overlooked. Apologies, I didn't mean to generate unnatural
fear...most of the time when I say anything on this list I realize later
(or sooner) that I didn't know what I was talking about. Mum's the word.  

Kathy Evans
evansdk at earthlink.net

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> <<My oldest daughter contracted typhoid fever while traveling in  
> India when she was 20. It is fecal-oral transmission. Gets in the  
> soil and then in the water and then you drink it. She was being very  
> careful, always using a water bottle with a filter, but on her last  
> day there accepted a glass of Gatorade that she thought came out of a  
> bottle and then to her great dismany, saw the family mixing up some  
> more for her with a powder and their own water. We almost lost her.  
> Very very close call. Not much typhoid in the US but I don't know  
> what else is transmitted that way.  Kathy>>
> That is a terrible and scary story and thankfully it did not have a  
> tragic outcome, but it is just that kind of story, which when  
> presented in an unqualified manner generates irrational fear about  
> humanure composting.  The key word here is COMPOSTING, which is a  
> process.  What made your daughter sick was not humanure composting,  
> but unsanitary conditions.  With proper composting, humanure is safe.
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