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Kathleen Evans evansdk at earthlink.net
Sun Oct 15 12:09:56 EDT 2006

Our homeschool email list is divided into two list...one related strictly to homeschooling--classes, websites that homeschoolers might find useful, learning co-op schedule, etc. The other is broader...because homeschooling is of course also political, spiritual, philosophical, and relates to just about everything. We had a permaculture discussion on that list, which is what led me to seek out this list. One is called "SLHN" for St. Louis Homeschool Network, and the other is called "SLHN Forum," and members can subscribe to one or both. If that's too complicated to do here or people don't want to split it, then Josh's suggestion is good, though it's hard for me to tell what is "specifically" permaculture and what is "broadly" permaculture. I got off our "Forum" list because of information overload. Still hanging in there with this one but I admit I am overwhelmed about once a day by the sheer volume of things there are to learn and be aware of related to permaculture. Sometimes I find it discouraging, sometimes humorous. Regarding the pee and poop discussion, I didn't even understand the question, "Is anyone out there still peeing in their drinking water." I thought, "Why on earth would anyone pee in water they were going to drink?" But now I get it, including the truth that lay in the way I asked myself the question. I don't know how people process so much information.         Kathy

Kathy Evans
evansdk at earthlink.net

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